Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Life on the Couch, Day #2

So, I (clearly) started this blog because as of 3:10am in the ER late Saturday night, I've been diagnosed with mono. Since then, I've been on a steady cocktail of Motrin, steroids, and the ever-elusive Percocet. Yeah, my throat hurts THAT bad. I've also had to resign from my summer job as a camp counselor, have yet to hear back from my boss, and can't even pick up the phone when my friends and boyfriend call me (much less see anyone besides my immediate family) because it feels like a thousand burning knives are penetrating my throat whenever I open my mouth to talk. Woohoo!

I started this blog yesterday but saving today for my first real entry. As tired and in pain as I am, I refuse to completely lose my mind by doing nothing. As long as I have the TV, I'm going to watch different shows and movies that I normally do. (Right now Franklin is on... does anyone remember that children's show about the turtle?) Yesterday I watched an old black & white B-movie from 1946 called "Shock" about a woman who witnesses a murder... only the psychiatrist treating her for her "shock" is the murderer himself. Thanks to my best friend mono however, I fell asleep before I could see the ending. God Bless IMDB!

Last night, I scrounged through my sister's room for old books we had when we were kids. So in addition to the TV, today I have an armful of Junie B. Jones and Amelia's Notebook's to get me through the day. And of course, my good old friend Wikipedia - the source of everything you'd ever want to know about anything. Hooray!

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  1. you should read war and peace...and learn all the continents...and the names of the oceans...AND figure out a CURE for mono! other than boring bedrest